Innway Card

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Innway Card is an ultra-thin, rechargeable Bluetooth finder that fits in your wallet. Find your wallet, bag, backpack, laptop, tablet, keys or whatever you want.


Care of the environment by using rechargeable batteries.

Ultra slim

1.5 mm thin, credit card-sized that fits easily in any wallets or other items.


Don’t worry about spilling water or dropping it in water. Don’t worry about finding your items.

Innway Card

Rechargeable thin, credit card-sized finder


Place the Card in any items you will like to keep track of.


The Innway app remembers the last seen location of your missing Innway.


Two-way find lets you find your phone or find your Innway.

Which Innway is for you?





Battery life

Water resistance



Black, Brown

100 ft / 30 m

75 dB


At least 6 months


100 x 67 x 18 mm


Black, Green, Blue, Red

100 ft / 30 m

70 dB


4 to 6 months


85.5 x 54 x 1.5 mm



100 ft / 30 m

75 dB


At least 3 months


54 x 54 x 1.5 mm



100 ft / 30 m

90 dB

Replaceable CR2025

3 to 6 months


40 x 40 x 6.3 mm

Common questions

What is the Bluetooth finding range?

The Innway Card has a range of 100 ft or 30 m in an open area without any barriers. Like all wireless technologies, different environments and the presence of barriers reduces the effective range of Bluetooth signals. If your Card is out of range, you can check its last seen location in the Innway app and navigate there with your favorite map app.

Does the Card ring when you walk too far from it?

Yes, you can enable Separation Alert in the Innway app. This makes your phone ring when the Card goes out of range of your phone. As with wireless technologies, you can encounter signal interference from the environment in some situations, causing a false alarm.

Would sitting on my wallet with the Card in it trigger the alarm?

The Card’s button is flat so sitting on the wallet won’t trigger the Card.

How does this compare with a GPS tracker?

Bluetooth and GPS trackers work in different ways. GPS trackers maintain a constant connection and thus use more power. Bluetooth trackers connects to a Bluetooth device such as your phone and uses your device’s connection and GPS. GPS trackers generally have battery life of a few days compared to a few months for Bluetooth trackers. You only need to charge your Innway’s 2-4 times a year depending on usage.

How does the Card hold up to constant bending from sitting on it when it is in my wallet?

While the Card is thicker and more durable than credit cards, it is important to ensure you don’t bend it. Our tests have shown that it can be placed in wallets or card holders kept in back pockets in normal use. However, since the Card comes with an internal battery, we urge caution to avoid breaking the it.

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