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My Innway won’t pair with my phone.

Ensure that you place the Innway next to your phone. If you are still having problems pairing, try the following steps:

  1. Reset Bluetooth. Turn off Bluetooth and wait for 10 seconds. Enable Bluetooth again. Try pairing again to see if it resolves the problem.
  2. Reboot your phone. Turn off your phone and wait for 10 seconds. Turn on your phone again. Try pairing again to see if it resolves the problem.
  3. Check your Innway. Press the button on your Innway. If the LED light does not light up, it means your Innway is out of battery. Charge your Innway and try again once it is fully charged.

If you still encounter problems after trying these steps, please contact us.

The pairing process was interrupted.

Repeat the pairing process again. The pairing process resets itself if it got interrupted.

What is the working distance of my Innway?

Our current Innway products use Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy. This means they have a working distance of up to 30 metres in an open area without any barriers.

Note that anything that interferes with the Bluetooth signal will reduce the working distance. Bluetooth signal has weak penetration through walls, ceilings, and other large objects. The working range is about 10 to 25 metres indoors.

If you place your Innway in a bag, wallet, or any type of enclosures, expect the working range to be reduced. RFID-blocking and metallic materials will block the Bluetooth signal.

Why does my Innway ring when it is near to my phone?

If your Innway rings when it is within operating range, it is most likely due to materials that greatly reduced or even completely blocked the Bluetooth signal. Some wallets or bags come with RFID-blocking material. This will block Bluetooth signal and prevent Innway from working properly. RFID-blocking card will also interfere with Innway’s Bluetooth signal.

If your wallet or bag contains many items, ensure your Innway is as close to the exterior as possible to maximise its Bluetooth signal. The presence of thick wad of cash, numerous cards or other objects in your bag would reduce the operating range of your Innway.

There is an easy way to test whether your wallet or bag is causing your Innway to ring close to the phone. Remove the Innway from your wallet or bag and place it next to the phone. If this stops it from ringing, then your wallet or bag is probably interfering with its Bluetooth signal. If your Innway still rings when placed on its own beside your phone, it could be a software-related issue. Please contact customer support for further assistance.

Can I pair my Innway with more than one phone?

No, each Innway is paired and linked to one phone only. You can pair up to 5 cards to each phone.

Bluetooth allows both Android and iOS devices to simultaneously connect up to 6 Bluetooth devices. This means if you connect 5 Innways to your app but you have a Bluetooth earphones and speaker connected, only 4 Innways are able to get the active connection state.