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Why does Innway need location services?

The Innway app uses location services to show you the last seen location of your Innway and to record the last seen location when your Innway disconnects.

Innway devices are Bluetooth trackers. Unlike GPS trackers that come with GPS built-in, Bluetooth trackers relies on apps that uses your phone’s GPS. When the Innway app detects that your Innway is disconnected, it will record the current location of your phone as where your Innway was last seen.

Can I turn off location services?

Yes, you can. 

Launch the Innway app, go to the Device settings screen, and disable Display user location. Doing so would not affect the other functions of the app and Innway, such as separation alerts or remote trigger features. However, you will not be able to see the last seen location of your Innway.