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This help article applies to Innway Classic only. If you are using the newer Innway Find My, please refer to this article.

In order for the Innway app to function as properly, it requires access to Bluetooth, location services, and notifications.

The Innway app uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone, and it uses your phone’s GPS to record the last seen location of your Innway when it gets disconnected. When your Innway is disconnected, the phone will ring and show a notification.

If you do not grant these access, Innway Classic will not work properly.

When you launch the Innway app for the first time, you will be see a few prompts.

Caution: Selecting “Only When Using the App” will disable some Innway functions.
If you choose to allow access to Bluetooth and location services “Only When Using the App”, the app will not be able to accurately display the location of your Innway Classic.

Bluetooth access

The app needs to always access Bluetooth so that it knows when your Innway Classic is disconnected, even if the app is not in the background or even not running. (Note that certain phones are unable to work without running in the background.)

Location services

The app needs to always access location services so it can drop a pin at the location when your Innway was last seen when it becomes disconnected.

Innway app iOS location services


The app needs to be able to send notifications when your Innway is disconnected or when you are trying to find your phone using your Innway Classic.