Caring for my Innway

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What should I do if I spill water on my Innway?

Innway devices are sealed and thus is water resistant. In fact, all Innway devices can be dunked in water, except for the Innway Accent. The leather of the Accent is splash proof. Avoid immersing the Accent in water.

Rechargeable Innway

If you spill water on your rechargeable Innway, simply wipe it dry. It will work. Ensure that the charging contact points are dry before you attempt to charge it to avoid damaging the Innway.

Replaceable battery Innway

Innway devices with replaceable batteries, such as the Innway Chip, can be immersed in water.

After you open up the Innway to replace its battery, take care to ensure that it is sealed watertight so that it doesn’t lose its waterproof capabilities.

How do I turn my Innway on or off?

You only need to turn on your Innway when you first set it up. Once turned on, the Innway stays powered on until it runs out of battery. It is not possible to turn off an Innway once it is turned on. You can reset the Innway by pressing and holding its button for 20 seconds. You will hear a double beep to indicate it has reset.

What is Innway’s maximum and minimum working temperatures?

The minimum temperature Innway operates at is -15° Celsius (5° Fahrenheit).

The maximum temperature Innway operates at is 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit).