Audio alerts

Why do the alerts on my phone and Innway keep ringing?

This happens when you have separation alert turned on. Separation alert lets you know that the Bluetooth connection your phone and Innway has broken off. Ensure that it is not a false alarm due to connectivity issues. Find out more in this help document.

You can set up Do Not Disturb preferences to suppress the alerts:

  • during Quiet Hours,
  • within Trusted Zones,
  • and when the phone is connected to Trusted Wi-Fi networks.

Why doesn’t my phone ring when I press my Innway's button?

The Innway app will ring your phone even if the app is running in the background or even when the app has been killed. (Note that certain phones are unable to work without running in the background.)

If phone does not ring, it is most likely out of range and disconnected from the Innway. Here are some steps to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Press the Innway’s button to see if it beeps. If it beeps, the device is on. If it doesn’t beep, it means the battery has run out.
  2. If the Innway is on but you can’t ring your phone, check the Innway app on your phone to see if the Innway is connected.
  3. If the Innway is disconnected even if it is next to your phone, check that you have enabled app permissions.

If you are still unable to get your phone to ring, please contact customer support.

How do I change the alert tone for my phone and Innway?

Launch the Innway app and go to the Device settings screen. You can select Phone alert tone and Device alert tone to set the alert tone for your phone and Innway respectively. You can choose from several preset alert tones.

Innway app iOS phone alert tone
Innway app iOS Innway alert tone

How do I adjust the volume of my Innway?

It is currently not possible to adjust the volume of your Innway. You can set the increase the volume of your phone connected to the Innway to help you notice the separation alarm.

The Innway Card is one of the thinnest Bluetooth tracker device in the market at only 1.5 mm thin. This means we have very little room for an audio emitter and no space to amplify the sound.