Meet the new Innway Card

Hello, Innway user! We are thrilled to announce the new Innway Card designed just for Apple devices.

Just as slim, smart, secure as before, now enhanced with Apple Find My integration.

What’s new

The new Innway Card comes packed with enhancements designed to offer even greater convenience, reliability, and peace of mind.

Apple Find My integration

iOS & iPadOS notifications

Seamless experience

Works with Siri

Share with other Apple users

Premium Nordic Bluetooth chip

Improved Bluetooth stability

Improved Bluetooth range

Improved battery life

Wireless charging capability

Apple Find My integration

The key change with the new Innway Card is the use of Apple’s Find My app instead of the Innway app.

Designed for Apple Find My

Apple’s Find My offers a robust and integrated ecosystem for effortlessly tracking devices across all Apple products. The Innway Card, engineered to be compatible with the Find My network, leverages these benefits, ensuring it works seamlessly with any iPhone or iPad that supports Find My.

Leveraging the global Find My network

By integrating with Find My, your Innway taps into the global network of millions of Apple devices. If your lost item is near any Apple device, it anonymously relays your Innway Card’s location back to you, enhancing the chances of recovery.

Built-in separation notification

Separation alerts are built into iOS and iPadOS with Find My. Turn on separation alerts to be notified when you accidentally leave your Innway Card Find My behind. You can also set Trusted Locations where you can leave it without receiving an alert.

Find with Siri

Enjoy the convenience of asking Siri to locate your Innway Card Find My with questions like “Hey Siri, ring my Innway Card” or “Hey Siri, where’s my iPad?”

Hardware enhancements

In addition to software enhancements, we’ve significantly upgraded the hardware in the new Innway Card, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Upgrading to Nordic Bluetooth chips

Many imitators in the market opt to reduce costs with lower-grade Bluetooth chips. At Innway, we prioritize your experience by selecting only premium-quality components.

Innway Card uses the cutting-edge Nordic nRF52832 SoC for unparalleled stability, extended range, enhanced battery longevity.

Support for wireless charging

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, the new Innway Card introduces wireless charging compatibility. This allows you to minimize waste by utilizing any existing wireless chargers you own.

For those who already possess an Innway charging cable, it remains compatible with the new Innway Card, offering you flexibility and convenience while supporting our environmental efforts.

Maintaining the ultra-slim design

Even with the addition of wireless charging components, our engineers kept the new Innway Card profile as sleek as before. At 1.5 mm thin and in the size of a credit card, the Innway Card Find My fits easily in any wallets and can be attached to your items with a cardholder or with an adhesive.

How to use it


Pair your Card with the Apple Find My app on your Apple device


Attach your Card securely to any items you want to keep track of


Track your Card using the Find My app or Find Devices on


Use the Find My app to ring your Card to help you locate it

Which Innway is for you?


Device OS


Bluetooth SoC




Battery life

Water resistance


Card Find My


iOS, iPadOS

Apple Find My app

Nordic nRF52832

80 dB


Wired / Wireless

5 to 6 months

IP68 Waterproof

85.5 x 54 x 1.5 mm

Card Classic

Black, Blue


Innway app

Dialog DA14531

70 dB



4 to 6 months

IP68 Waterproof

85.5 x 54 x 1.5 mm



iOS / Android

Innway app

Dialog DA14531

90 dB

Replaceable CR2025


3 to 5 months

IP67 Waterproof

40 x 40 x 6.3 mm



iOS / Android

Innway app

Dialog DA14531

75 dB



At least 6 months


100 x 67 x 18 mm

Frequency asked questions

What is the Bluetooth finding range?

The Innway Card Find My has a range of 200 ft or 60 m in an open area without any barriers. Like all wireless technologies, different environments and the presence of barriers reduces the effective range of Bluetooth signals. If your Card is out of range, you can check its last seen location in the Find My app.

How does this compare with a GPS tracker?

Bluetooth and GPS trackers work in different ways. GPS trackers maintain a constant connection and thus use more power. Bluetooth trackers connects to a Bluetooth device such as your phone and uses your device’s connection and GPS. GPS trackers generally have battery life of a few days compared to a few months for Bluetooth trackers. You only need to charge your Innway Card Find My 2-3 times a year depending on usage.

How does the Card Find My hold up to constant bending from sitting on it when it is in my wallet?

While the Innway Card Find My is thicker and more durable than credit cards, it is important to ensure you don’t bend it. Our tests have shown that it can be placed in wallets or card holders kept in back pockets in normal use. However, since the Card comes with an internal battery, we urge caution to avoid breaking it.

What users say

Don’t take our work for it. Look at what our happy users say!

My husband misplaces his phone and wallet all the time and this was the perfect gift. Super easy to set up and use. We have had to use 2x since Christmas. We have showed family and friends and they have purchased as well.

Mandee Delso

We’ve all been there at least once. Lost our wallet right when we needed it. This device helped me find mine because it detailed where I last had my wallet on a map! It is well worth the cost and peace of mind you attain from purchasing this for anything you may have the propensity to lose.

David Wood

A month ago I lost my wallet. Since I hadn’t gone anywhere to lose it I surmised that I had slipped it into the trash can by accident. And no one ever compromised my wallet’s contents. I bought this locator card and guess what? I threw my new wallet and replaced contents (What a chore!) in the trash, this morning! Panic city when I discovered it was missing. I activated the app and it said the wallet and card was by the street in front of our house waiting for garbage pickup in 15 minutes! I went out to the can, activated the beeper, and there it was! Going nuts is not for the faint-hearted… The beeper is very faint but since it did its job I have to rate this product highly. Go for it!


As a frequent flyer on the lost wallet path, this has been repeatedly helpful for the three months I’ve owned it. Couple of thoughts:

Location: Although it doesn’t have real-time gps, it does send it’s last location connected to my phone. For me, this works because my phone is almost always with me. I can see if I left it at work, home, etc.

Size: I carry a small card sleeve, so this does infringe upon my limited space. I wish it were thinner. However, I’m sure if it were thinner, the battery life might suffer. Credit card size might be a wish for the future. It works though.

Battery: I charged it when I got it in mid-July. From that one charge, it’s nearing mid October and the battery is around 60%. That’s nuts.


After losing my previous wallet I decided that I wanted a way to track my new one and so far this Innway card works great. I haven’t had it long enough to see if the battery lasts as long as advertised but I would think that just charging it for a few hours once a month would negate any worry of it dying before you can use it for it’s intended purpose. The app is simple to use and shows me an accurate location of my wallet when I leave it in the house. It can even notify you when you are out of range, that way you can quickly turn around and retrieve your wallet or other item. Great product!

Johnathan Montgomery

I was kind of skeptical when I bought this because I had never heard of Innway. But I figured for the price, it’s cheaper than Tile or AirTags, let’s give it a shot. Set up took about 30 seconds and that’s only because I didn’t hold the button long enough at first. The charger is easy to use and the app was simple. You create an account verify then it’s literally the push of a button.

This card boasts a “loud sound” so you can find it. I wouldn’t call it loud per se, but if you’re in the same room you should be able to hear it. When you use the card to ring your phone, it does still ring even when your phone is on silent, dnd, or even using the side switch on apple phones. It still rings so you can find your phone.


I lost my wallet for two days, and finally found it by accident under the car seat, where I had looked 20 times but it was a black wallet on a black carpet. I bought this device which now sits comfortably with my credit cards. The beeper functions, and it will locate the item when you are in the vicinity. Most importantly, it will show you where your wallet is geographically, so you know it is at home or in the supermarket parking lot. Best of all, it is easy to set up and use. Great gizmo.


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