Renaming your Innway

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All Innway devices are named the device model by default. For example, Innway Card will be named Innway Card. You can change the name of each Innway device to help you identify each device and to tell them apart easily.

For example, you can name your Innway device after the item it is tagged to, such as your wallet, passport, backpack or laptop. Or you can name your Innway device after the location, such as keys at home.

Here’s how to rename your Innway:

  1. In the Innway app, tap on the three dots beside the Innway device you want to rename to enter device settings.
  2. Tap on “Device Name” to edit its name. Tap “Confirm” to save the name, or tap “Cancel” to discard the change.
Innway app iOS rename card