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This help article applies to Innway Find My only. If you are using Innway Classic, please refer to this article.

What is Innway Find My?

Innway Find My is the next generation Innway device that integrates Innway’s tracking hardware with Apple’s Find My network.

This allows your Innway Find My to leverage the power of Apple’s extensive Find My network. Every Apple device with Find My enabled—in other words, hundreds of millions of devices around the world—is able to help locate your Innway Find My.

We’ve also upgraded the hardware and electronics of the Innway Find My, making it more energy efficient, boosting its signal while reducing power consumption, increasing its range, and improving Bluetooth connectivity.

How does Innway Find My work?

Innway Find My achieves this by sending its location securely to nearby Apple devices with Find My enabled. This is then sent to iCloud, and you are then able to see it in the Find My app on your Apple devices. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can find your Innway with any browser at

Everything is kept anonymous and encrypted to protect everyone’s privacy.

How can I locate my Innway Find My?

Out of Bluetooth range

When your Innway Find My is out of Bluetooth range, Find My will automatically record your Innway’s last seen location. The Find My app will notify you that your Innway Find My has been left behind and is no longer detected near you.

You can navigate to the location with your preferred map app to narrow down where you can to look for your Innway Find My.

Innway Find My play sound

Once you are within Bluetooth range, your Innway Find My will connect with your Apple device. You can then ring it. See the next section for details.

Within Bluetooth range

When your Innway Find My is within Bluetooth range, the Find My app will show its status as “With You” and you have the option to Play Sound to ring your Innway Find My to help you find it.

Innway Find My notification